Welcome to Greensward Academy

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”.

Greensward Academy has a long history of academic success, pastoral care and curriculum enrichment; having served the local community for generations it is a much loved and respected institution. In this, my first year as principal, I am both committed to preserving these traditions of the past whilst at the same time ensuring that it is upon the future that we are firmly and resolutely focused.

Indeed, any visitor who takes the opportunity to tour our corridors and classrooms, talk with our staff and engage with our students will discover a school where the talents of each and every learner are nurtured. If your strength lies in academic rigour, we will challenge you. If your strength lies in sporting prowess, we will develop you. If your strength lies in creative expression, we will inspire you.

As a school, we understand the importance of instilling a sense of community into those who pass through our care whilst at the same time ensuring that, when they leave us, they are ready to shape our globalised world. With an emphasis on good manners, respect, tolerance and acceptance, Greensward Academy can be rightfully proud of its students and staff. With our new buildings and open spaces, a dynamic curriculum offering opportunity for all and a pastoral care which sees everyone as an individual, I am confident that we have the right learning environment to ensure our 21st century learners are ready to embrace the challenges of our 21st century world.                                                    

 Katie Scarnell MA (Cantab) - Principal

GWA Promo 2016-HD from Greensward Academy on Vimeo.

Diary Dates - Term 3
 5 Jan         All Return to school - Week B
 11 Jan     11 Drama Trip to Palace Theatre
 16 Jan 11 Food Controlled Assessments
 19 Jan 12 Parents Evening
 23 Jan 11 Food Controlled Assessments    
23 Jan - 4 Feb 11     Mock Examinations
 w/c 1 Feb  Option Talks start
 8 Feb 12&13 Meningitis Immunisations
 9 Feb 10 Parents Evening                                                
 13 Feb 6th A2 Drama Dress & Technical Rehearsals
 16 Feb 6th A2 Devised Exam Performance
 20 Feb     6th     Mock exams to 3 March
 20 Feb 11 6th Form Interviews take place until 3 March 
 24 Feb All Non Uniform Day
 2 March 11 Parents Evening
3 March  End of Term - normal finish 

Thought for the Week/Assembly Theme

Greensward Values / Independence

Holocaust Memorial Day - 27.01.17


If you would like to apply for a place in the current Years 7-11 please complete the mid-year application form here and return to Mrs Camy, Admissions Officer/PA to Vice-Principal via email at dcamy@greenswardacademy.org or by post.  Details on admission into Year 7 in September 2017 can be viewed on our Admissions page.

Due to a high number of applications for Sixth Form (Sept 2017) the final application forms will now be distributed by the end of the week.

Determined Admission Arrangements

The document below provides details of the admission arrangements and admission criteria which Greensward Academy and Greensward Academy Sixth Form will apply to applications for admission in September 2017.   Full details can be viewed here

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