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Hairspray Showcase and Workshop

posted 16 Dec 2015, 03:12 by Shirley Wheeler

On the afternoon of Wednesday 2 December​, year 5 and 6 pupils from Westerings Primary Academy participated in a hair-hopping Hairspray showcase and workshop with the cast of the show. This was a lovely opportunity for the cast and the band to showcase some scenes from the performance while still in the rehearsal stages. The cast and musicians were absolutely fantastic and demonstrated great professionalism; performing to a high standard for our guests. Following the performance, the younger pupils were invited to pair up with one of the cast members and learn some of the choreography from 'The Nicest Kids in Town.' Special mention goes to Ellie Newman who led from the front while the cast members taught their respective new partners the steps to the opening of the song. Max Halton gave his microphone and jacket to his "mini-me," while Eva Harris shared items of her costume with her young Amber wannabe! This was followed by Liam Baker keenly leading a huge number of the children in the detention scene.

​It was a wonderful afternoon and great fun was had by all. Thank you to Miss Leary, Mrs Daniels, Mr Jevons and Mrs Mann (one of our governors) who played brilliantly alongside the students in the band; Charlie Maynard, Harrison Scott-James and Connie Jarrett. Many thanks also to  Mr Dorking and Mr Green for assisting in setting everything up for the afternoon.

​The Drama team; Miss Frith, Miss Cornwell and Miss Morgan all felt exceptionally proud of the cast for their professionalism and enthusiasm in ensuring that the children from Westerings had a truly memorable experience.

Hairspray Workshop