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Governors' Information

The Governing Body has a wide range of responsibilities, including planning the academy's future direction and raising the standards of student achievement through a process of challenge and support. Governors are also accountable to parents and the wider community for the performance of the academy. 

The Governing Body comprises a number of different types of Governor, who all bring with them different experiences and skills developed through their life. This diversity adds strength to the work of the Governing Body. All governors undertake their work as volunteers. 

Governors' declaration of business interests log is available upon request from the Clerk (contact details below). 

If you would like to contact the Chair of the Board of Governors you may do so by emailing us at  
The Full Governing Body will meet on the following dates during this academic year: 
  • 10 December 2015
  • 25 February 2016
  • 7 July 2016

Full Governing Body Documentation

Members of the Full Governing Body

Full details of their responsibilities, committees, terms of office and category can be viewed in the folder above.

Mrs J Terry 

Mr P Meacham 
Vice Chair
Parent Governor 
(parent of student in KS4)
Mrs D Stokes 

Mr A Desai 
Responsible Officer
Miss B Delahunty
Staff Governor 

Mrs C Mann 
AET Appointed Governor 
(parent of students in KS4 & 5)
Mr T McKenna
AET Appointed Governor 

Mrs K Randall 
Support Staff Governor
Mrs A Stapleton 
Parent Governor 
(parent of student in KS3)

Mrs L Vingoe 
LA Appointed Governor

All enquiries regarding the Governing Body should be addressed to Mrs S Wheeler, Clerk (