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Behaviour Policy

At Greensward Academy teachers and students work together to establish and maintain a learning and social environment which emphasises positive behaviour, and where care and concern for others are valued.  Behaviour management is an integral part of the whole academy curriculum, which teaches appropriate and relevant social skills to all students.  This enables students to participate fully in the home, academy and local community and prepares them for the responsibilities of adult life in an ethnically diverse society.  Discipline with Dignity underpins the academy’s values and should be demonstrated by all stakeholders

The academy aims to:

  • Promote the highest possible degree of consensus about standards of behaviour among staff, students and parents.
  • Provide clear guidance to staff, students and parents about standards of behaviour and their application. 
  • Encourage staff to recognise and praise good behaviour as well as deal with inappropriate behaviour and notify parents of successes and problems. 
  • Develop rewards and sanctions to reinforce positive behaviour and challenge inappropriate behaviour. 
  • Ensure that rewards and punishments are fairly and consistently applied and that they are appropriate to the situation. 
  • Promote tolerance and consideration for others regardless of race, creed, gender, perceived ability, age, appearance or disability and develop appropriate strategies to eradicate bullying. 
  • Ensure the safety and well-being of students, members of staff and the general public. 
  • Allow students to develop and demonstrate positive abilities and attitudes. 
  • Teach students to have self-control, to take responsibility and be accountable for their own actions and to make the distinction between minor and more serious misbehaviour. 
  • Teach students to take care of and respect their environment and community. 
  • Give students every opportunity to take responsibility and to make a full contribution to improving behaviour in the academy. 
Shirley Wheeler,
27 Jun 2017, 00:20