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Greensward Academy is proud to announce our examination results for 2015-16.  The academy policy on examinations entries emphasises the opportunity for the students to enter examinations in all of those subjects they have been studying.  However, there is the obligation on students to complete all the requirements of the course in terms of continuous assessment tasks and coursework.  The academy believes that it is important that all students complete their courses and seek to fulfil their potential through public examinations. 

Our Key Stage 4 results this year are as follows:-  

70% of Year 11 students achieved 5 or more grades at A*, A, B and C and 67% achieved 5 A*-C grades including English and Mathematics.  97% of our students obtained 5 or more GCSEs in the range of A*-G.  

82% of our students achieved the minimum expected levels of progress in English compared to a national average of 67%.  35% achieved above expected progress. 
74% of our students achieved the minimum expected levels of progress in Maths compared to a national average of 65%.  38% achieved above expected progress.  
29% of our students achieved the EBac.

Progress 8 score:                             0.07
Attainment 8 score:                          51.96
Students achieving English Bacc      23%

2015 Year 11 Leavers Destination (data source CCIS)
(2016 figures will be available in December) 
 Destination Type  Total %
 College 120 44.8
 Maint. school 128 47.8
 Sixth Form College 1  0.4
 Apprenticeship 12  4.5
 Re-engagement provision 1 0.4
 Work Based Learning  1 0.4
 Foundation Learning/E2E Training  1 0.4
 Employment 1 0.4
 NEET - seeking employment or training  2 0.7
 Unknown 1 0.4
 Grand Total  268 100

At Key Stage 5, our students achieved excellent results with 48% achieving A*-B and 99.7% achieving A*-E.    
1. Progress students have made in Eng and Maths:  English 1.00, Maths -0.57.  All students who do not attain a C in En/Ma GCSE have two lessons per fortnight lessons 
    and 3/8 students successfully passed  at L2 whilst in Year 12. Those still needing C grade are re-entered in Year 13.

2. Average grade at KS5 - B (APS is 300. divided by 3 subjects = 100 = B).

3. Retention - 97% in year retention for Year 12.  100% for Year 13.

4. Destinations - 63% university. 25% employment. 2% deferred university entry (year out). 0% NEETS.

For a detailed analysis of the results please read our External Examinations booklet which can be viewed below.  

Performance Tables 

You may view our performance data on the DfE school performance tables website
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