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Primary to Secondary Transition

To Make Your Best Better

We are looking forward to welcoming our new intake of students into Year 7 in September 2017. At Greensward Academy we offer all our students a broad and balanced curriculum together with an impressive extra-curricular programme of clubs and activities in a wide variety of subjects and sports which can be viewed here.  

We have high standards and expectations of our students and high quality staff who are always willing to help and support both in lessons and pastorally and whose aim is to ensure every student achieves their best.  Secondary school is very different to primary school; students are put into forms of approximately thirty students, each with their own tutor who will generally stay with them until they leave in Year 11.  Each subject will be taught by a different teacher who is a specialist in that area.  Sometimes they will have more than one teacher per subject. Students will be set in all subjects according to their ability. 

Who's Who

Mr C Butterworth
Head of Year 7
Miss N Geeson  
Director of Lower School
Mrs F Hill-David
Vice Principal, Development 
Mrs K Scarnell 
Mrs D Camy
Admissions Officer/Senior PA Pastoral
Year 7 will be led by Mr C Butterworth who is a static Head of Year and who you will be meeting during the primary transition process either during your personal consultation meetings or at the parents' information evening.   Years 7 and 8 form the Lower School and this is led by Miss N Geeson, Director of Lower School, who will be joining us in September.  Overall in charge of Student Development is Mrs F Hill-David, Vice Principal who is also the named person for Child Protection.  And of course, Mrs K Scarnell is the Principal.  

Mrs D Camy is our Admissions Officer and she is in charge of the administration of the admissions and the transition process and will be happy to answer any queries you may have regarding this.  Email:      Phone:  01702 202571 ext 1259

National Offer Day - 1 March 2017 - you will receive a letter from the council with regards to the secondary school that your child will attend in September.  You will receive a letter from Greensward Academy shortly to confirm your child's place which will include the admissions form.  This must be completed and returned by Friday 18 March in order to confirm that you will be taking up this place.  

Congratulations to all the pupils who have secured a place at Greensward Academy in September.  We look forward to meeting you all.  

What happens now? 

July 2017 - Two day induction will be held (details in new starter pack).  Final details/first day letter will be sent out.  Students will also received their Student Guide

4 September 2017 - Year 7 Bonding Day.

Primary Transition Useful Documents

Other Transition Activities

Primary Challenge Days 

On Wednesday 16 November, Greensward welcomed students from Plumberow, Hockley and Ashingdon Primary schools for the annual day of Technology activities. The students experienced industry standard computer aided design techniques as part of their design work. Architectural models, virtual cities on the computer and promotional packaging for mass produced toys were all produced by the students to gain a full experience of design and manufacture in the contemporary world. Many thanks go out to the staff of the primaries for helping to organise the event and the students for their enthusiasm and productivity!


On Wednesday 22 March, thirty Year 5 and 6 students from our local primary schools were invited to tackle a Drama challenge; making a play in a day. 

The children arrived from Westerings, Plumberow, Ashingdon and Hockley at the start of the school day, filled with enthusiasm and eager to participate. Friendships were formed quickly as the children got to know each other through a series of icebreaker activities. 

Auditions were held during period one and after break, the cast were ready to rehearse and put the play together. They worked with a play written by Miss Frith, ‘The Wizard of Omigozz’ which was adapted and developed throughout periods two and three.  A range of drama techniques were explored by the children, including physical theatre, narration, choral speech and song, and by period four… we were off to see the Wizard.

The performance was presented to parents and staff from the primary schools and Greensward in the afternoon and was hailed as a great success by all. 


We were delighted to welcome Year 2 children from our Hockley feeder schools to our academy this week. Here’s what Oliver Maynard in Year 9 had to say about the day: 

 “On Tuesday, 15 students including myself were chosen from a Year 9 Sports Leaders class to represent Greensward Academy.  We participated and assisted Mr Toovey, from Plumberow Primary Academy, whilst he coached in a PE Challenge Day involving Year 2 pupils from Plumberow Primary Academy, Westerings Primary Academy, Hockley Primary School and Ashingdon Primary Academy.  Each school brought teachers who helped the Year 2s in each activity as well as the Year 9 students who encouraged the groups.  Mr Toovey created challenging, exciting and team based games which left the Year 2s exhausted afterwards, whilst teaching them new skills by working together in mixed school groups.

At the end of the day, the Year 2s were rewarded with a PE Challenge Day certificate and medal for their participation and effort.”

This was the final day in a series of five organised by the primaries and hosted by Greensward.  They have all been very successful and the primary children have really enjoyed coming to Greensward to use the facilities in Science, Food, Technology and Drama.  Thank you to everyone who has been involved in the planning of these events.  We look forward to hosting them again next year.  


Read what our Year 7 students think about Greensward and click on the links below the pictures to see what life is like at Greensward Academy. 

 A Day in the Life of Greensward Academy                                                 My First Day at Greensward Academy

"I had two friends at my primary school but here I've got lots of new ones from all sorts of different schools.  I really like Art and I think I'm quite good at it.  I like drama and acting - we didn't do much at my primary school, we didn't really do languages either but I am enjoying French and ICT.  There are hundreds of computers here.  I even like Maths, but not just because I share a birthday with my Maths teacher.  Music is really good too.  I really like it here.  The teachers tell me to make sure my shirt is tucked in - uniform is very important at Greensward."

"I think Greensward has been a wonderful place to learn.  The teachers have been really helpful with my work in all my lessons.  My favourite class is Technology because there are different subjects like Food and Information Technology.   The best part of Greensward is making new friends because some of them are really sweet and kind and are also trustworthy.  I like the uniform because it is more comfortable than the one I used to wear.  It is really sensible because I didn't have a blazer in primary school.   The Learning Support Assistants are really supportive with the children and the counsellor is also really helpful too.   I think Greensward is a great choice to go to when it is time to move to high school." 

Year 7 Bonding Day 2016
A big thank you to Mr  C Butterworth, Head of Year 7, who organised another successful Bonding Day at Belchamps this year.  This is always a great opportunity for the new year group to meet others both in their form groups and the year group as a whole, make new friends and get to know their tutors.  The academy received some lovely comments from parents about how much their children had enjoyed themselves and how valuable it had been in helping them to settle in and get to know new people.

To access information on how to apply for a place in the September 17/18 academic year, please follow this link to the Essex website and the secondary education booklet:

Greensward Academy's determined admission arrangements can be viewed here

How to contact us

To contact a member of staff at the academy via email please use the following format: (i.e.  Alternately you may use the Greensward Academy email address ( or contact Mrs S Wheeler, Principal's Executive Assistant ( who will redirect your email to the relevant member of staff.   You may contact staff by telephone and/or make an appointment to see them but please be reminded that they may be teaching for most of the day and may not be able to answer/return your call or see you straightaway.