Sixth Form

Congratulations to our new Head Boy, Head Girl and their deputies who have now begun their tenure as Greensward's Senior Students. 

After a gruelling selection process which included a letter of application, presentation and final interview, Jack Bloomfield and Lauren Phillips were appointed Head Boy and Head Girl with Sam Hawes and Georgia-Blue Logan installed as very worthy deputies. 

As their term in office begins, Jack Bloomfield said how he was "...looking forward to representing his school within the wider community and also making sure that the views of students are reflected as much as possible".  We wish them the very best for the year ahead. 

Excellence in the Sixth Form

Greensward Academy is in the top 4% nationally for A level and academic value added.  Congratulations to all our staff and students in the Sixth Form for such an outstanding achievement. 

A Level Results  

Greensward Academy Sixth Form has consolidated its position as one of the leading providers in the country with the publication of this year’s ALPS data. Measuring the
progress students make against a target grade, both our AS and A2 cohorts achieved a score of “2”, ranking Greensward in the top 10% of sixth forms nationally for the second year running. Highlighting the breadth of quality at the Academy, departments as diverse as Business Studies and Chemistry, History and Mathematics and Economics and Geography all gained the coveted “outstanding” rating for their A2 results.

A massive congratulations to the students and staff for their achievements. It is perhaps worth noting that with vacancies on some courses remaining, it still isn’t too late to secure a place in our sixth form community and help ensure a brighter future. For further details please contact Mr J Benson at or by ringing 01702 202571. 

At Key Stage 5, our students achieved excellent results with 48% achieving A*-B and 99.7% achieving A*-E.    

1. Progress students have made in Eng and Maths - All students who do not attain a C in En/Ma GCSE have two lessons per fortnight lessons and 3/8 students successfully passed      at L2 whilst in Year 12. Those still needing C grade are re-entered in Year 13.

2. Average grade at KS5 - B (APS is 300. divided by 3 subjects = 100 = B).

3. Retention - 97% in year retention for Year 12.  100% for Year 13.

4. Destinations - 63% university. 25% employment. 2% deferred university entry (year out). 0% NEETS.

A student's view
The step up ... 
Becoming a Sixth Form student can be a challenging and daunting prospect and to make the step up from GCSE to A level requires the right mind set.  As an A level student, a consistent and sufficient level of study is pivotal to success at Greensward Academy.  Nevertheless, the exceptional team of teachers will be sure to push you to ensure you acquire the grades you aspire to achieve.  As said by the Head of Sixth Form, Mr Benson, "it is absolutely essential that you are on the right course and that you enjoy it."  To help with this, Greensward Academy offers option talks to discuss the subjects at an Information Evening on 26 November, and during the academy day for existing Year 11 students, a fully informative prospectus (see below) and the option to change your choice of subjects until September.  This is offered as the academy considers the enjoyment of your subjects is crucial to educational success.  

The atmosphere ...
At Greensward Academy Sixth Form there is always a positive and friendly atmosphere.  Current Sixth Form students have described it as a "good, cohesive environment".  Students feel safe and maintain a friendly attitude towards others.  This is encouraged in our common room which includes ambient seating to allow students a chance to socialise and take a break from the stress of Sixth Form life.  Students feel that maintaining a positive atmosphere cuts out any distractions and helps them to fully focus on their subjects of choice in order to maximise their potential. 

The Sixth Form Centre ...  
The Sixth Form Centre is a free flowing, well situated building that creates a picturesque, ideal learning setting for all students.  Facilities include a Law room with an oval-shaped working area to encourage open legal discussion and debate; a Supervised Study Room with 30 computers and tables; a common room with ambient seating and television and next to this is Cafe 6 that offers various pastries, paninis, sandwiches, salads, fruits and drinks.  Behind the Sixth Form Centre is the student garden which includes a decking area with seating.  
Dress Code ...
Although students are not required to wear Greensward Academy uniform, they are expected to dress smartly at all times i.e. business wear.  Students should be happy to attend a job interview in what they are wearing.  

What skills are learnt?
One of the ultimate goals of Greensward Academy's Sixth Form is to make the transition from being a pupil to becoming a student.  Being a student at Greensward Academy's Sixth Form is not just about studying, but about developing as a person.  Current Sixth Form students have stated that they have developed problem solving skills and have learned to work under time constraints.  Nonetheless, a hard work ethic is key to success and is very beneficial in preparing students for their next step in their careers by making them independent and responsible.  

Other areas of interest 
Sixth Form students are encouraged to become involved in other activities either in or out of school.  In the past these have included working with elderly people in the community, working with primary students in our partner primary schools, supporting the Integrated Learning Suite at the academy, training to become a Peer Mentor and supporting students within the academy.   There is a Senior Student Team and each year applications are invited for the positions within this team: Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy, Deputy Head Girl and Senior Student Team.   At the end of Year 12, students take part in the Insight Into Leadership event which involves the creation of a chocolate product and culminates in a Trade Fair.  
Being a Sixth Form student is very different from the life you have been used to. Study at Key Stage 5 is much harder – it demands a much greater sense of responsibility for the workload, a greater intellectual and academic awareness and above all, it requires consistent and considerable hard work. We believe that Year 12 and 13 are an important stage in education when students need to develop the skills of self-management, self-discipline, independence and responsibility in order to progress successfully into the world of work or Higher Education.

What our students say about the Sixth Form
"Greensward Academy is a place which allows you to grow as a person and as an academic.  Its friendly staff guide you with such reassurance, that you never feel lost or unsupported.  However, the boundaries of staff and student are still there; a firm but fair ethos means we always know what is expected of us.  The best thing about Greensward though is the students.  I have met people I know that will become my lifelong friends and that is pretty special." 
"As someone who joined Greensward Sixth Form from another school, I was amazed at how friendly everyone was.  I settled in really quickly and have made some brilliant friends.  The teachers do loads to help me and are always really approachable when I have a question.  Greensward has helped me out loads and I am not afraid to tell people ... whilst I was showing a guest round during Open Evening recently they said they couldn't imagine a student who could speak more highly of a school.  What makes it really special is that I meant every word!"

Year 12 Law Competition 

Sophie Barrett and Max Edmonds entered a Law moot organised by a firm of solicitors in Leigh-on-Sea.  A moot is a mock legal hearing where students play the role of lawyers and deliver oral arguments on one or more points of law.  Students must also respond to questions posed by the judges on the spot.  At the end of the moot, the judges give a short judgement on the points of law and then their decision as to which student(s) performed the best.  Sophie and Max faced Southend High School for Boys in the semi-final on Monday 8 June and were victorious.  The judges were particularly impressed by Sophie's presentation of her arguments.  Greensward Academy now faces Seevic College in the final on Thursday 18 June.