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Accelerated Reader

As part of the AET's commitment to the "Right to Read" scheme, Year 7 and 8 students at Greensward Academy participate in "Accelerated Reader" - a reading comprehension program. 

Students take an initial STAR test, which determines their reading age, National Curriculum level and give them a personal book level range.  Students are required to read books within their range and complete online quizzes which build up to different levels of certificates and prizes. 

Although it is now not possible to quiz from home, students are able to quiz every week day during term time between the hours of 8.00am to 4.00pm at school. So you can still quiz in the morning before registration, and for an hour after school, the computers are usually available in the LLC.

Accelerated Reader Update - Term 2

This term's AR Celebration assemblies will be on Monday 19 (Year 8) and Tuesday 20 December (Year 7) during morning tutor time. In preparation for this, please note that the last day for quizzes to count will be Wednesday 14 December.   At the moment, with less than a week left, the leaderboard looks as follows:

Year 7 Leaderboard

7S:  70 passed quizzes

7D:  58 passed quizzes

7G:  48 passed quizzes

7A:  only 4 behind with 44 quizzes

Year 8 Leaderboard

8A:  45 passed quizzes

8R:  40 passed quizzes

8D:  38 passed quizzes

There is, however, still time to change the current leader board! Keep reading and keep quizzing!

Please make sure you complete your own quiz and not copy a friend as this may stop your quiz from counting.    Cheating undermines the principles of Accelerated Reader which are to encourage a culture of reading; to enjoy reading and boost literacy skills.

Term 1

Accelerated Reader has been very successful this term. Students and forms have been reading enthusiastically not only for the love of books but also to be in for the chance of winning our prestigious termly awards. The awards for Term 1 are detailed below:

Year 7

Form with the most passed quizzes: 

1st - 7S - Mr Blaydes with 29 passed quizzes.

2nd - 7A - Mr McCabe with 19 passed quizzes.

3rd - 7N - Mrs Lake with 14 passed quizzes.

 Student with the most passed quizzes:

1st - Ebony Ellis (7S) with 10 passed quizzes.

2nd - Jason James (7A) with 8 passed quizzes.

3rd - Jake Harrell (7A) with 7 passed quizzes.

At the time of publishing the year 7 lottery winner for the pool of 85% correct on all quizzes had not been drawn. 

Year 8

Form with the most passed quizzes: 

1st - 8A - Mr Goode with 35 passed quizzes.

2nd - 8R - Mr Press with 28 passed quizzes.

Joint 3rd - 8E - Mr Tull & 8D - Mrs Paredes with 20 passed quizzes.

Student with the most passed quizzes:

1st - Katie Slaughter (8A) with 15 passed quizzes.

2nd - Bethany Carlow (8E) with 5 passed quizzes.

3rd - Emma Sadler (8A) & Emily Tyrrell (8E) with 4 passed quizzes.

Lottery winner for the pool of average 85% correct on all quizzes is: Millie North (8D)

We also have our 1st Word Millionaire of the year in Year 8: Katie Slaughter who has read 1,301,125 words so far! 

The slate is wiped clean for term 2, so even if you weren't on the leader board for this term, you could be next term! 

Keep reading so that you are ready to quiz upon our return in November and don't forget to check any book from home or local library on to ensure the book is within your ZPD range. Search for the book on the website and check the 'BL' (book level) number.