About GWAAC - The history of the club

Where does the club come from?

The newly-formed GWAAC traces its roots back to 2007, when Mr Salisbury formed an unofficial fledgling club called The Greensward Carp Society. This club focussed solely on carp fishing, and was primarily designed for students in Years 9-13 to compete in enduro-style carp fishing matches against each other. The trips concerned ran sporadically over the next three years, and were held at Crowsheath Farm near Billericay.

In the summer of 2010, Mr Salisbury became involved with the Angling Development Board, and met up with the Regional Officer for the East of England, Jonathan Wilson. This opened up a whole new realm of possibilities for Greensward Academy in terms of its angling activities, and plans were soon underway to make the academy a pioneering institution for angling in Essex.

Step one was to have a member of staff obtain a Level 2 qualification in Coaching Angling, and in November 2011 Mr Salisbury became an officially licensed coach for the ADB. With this in place, the new Greensward Academy Angling Club was formed, in order to provide a concrete structure for all angling-related activities at Greensward Academy.

What is the club for?

GWAAC is primarily designed to provide a high quality, welcoming and safe environment for students to participate in the sport of angling. The club strives to provide:

  • Access to coaching sessions by qualified coaches;
  • The opportunity to compete in competitive matches against other schools and clubs;
  • Venues that are safe and equipment that is safe in accordance with Health & Safety Guidelines;
  • A strict code of conduct for coaches, members and parents;
  • An open and non-discriminatory constitution;
  • A clear developmental plan for the future.

What sort of activities will students be able to participate in?

As well as the opportunity to participate in competitive matches, the club will also provide bi-monthly drop-in sessions for students to receive coaching and advice on all angling-related activities. There are also plans underway for some pleasure fishing trips, and several excursions to Europe. For students who reach the age of 16, there is also the opportunity to take a Level 1 qualification in Coaching Angling.

Is there a fee for joining?

Yes – there is an annual fee of £10.00. This covers our annual membership of The Angling Trust, which will be instrumental in our achievement of Club Mark status from the ADB. Fees also cover the purchase of trophies for competitions. Your membership also enables you to receive a 20% discount on all day tickets at Churchgate Lakes.

I have never fished before. Should I still join the club?

Yes! GWAAC strives to provide all students in Years 7-11 with the opportunity to participate in angling, regardless of their experience or angling ability. You can have coaching sessions that are specifically tailored to your own requirements.