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Inclusion, Enrichment and SEND

The majority of students' needs are met within the mainstream curriculum, but some children require additional help.  The Learning Support Department, led by our SENCo, Mr S Mothersole, liaises with parents, staff and outside support agencies as well as other professionals to respond to such needs.  Targets will be set in agreement with staff, parents and the child, and the individual learning plans drawn up and put into place.  Provision may come in a variety of forms and may include individual or small group help in different subject lessons and/or help being provided in a separate room.  The plans will be monitored and reviewed as appropriate and parents will be kept informed.  To support these students, lunchtime Spelling, Reading and Maths Workshops using SuccessMaker are available.  Year 7 students have access to an on-line spelling booklet which they can use to help improve their spelling in all subjects of the curriculum, and can continue to use in Years 8 and 9. 

SEN Documentation 
All students are challenged to fulfil their potential in all areas of the curriculum.  Our most able students are 'stretched' in top sets or provided with differentiated work to meet their individual needs.  They are offered a range of enrichment and extension activities.  This includes tasks to broaden or deepen skills and understanding, investigation and problem-solving activities.  They are offered the opportunity to participate in residential courses planned to extend their particular skills and abilities and Gifted and Talented Workshops have been held in the summer break as well as during term time. 

Specialist coaching is offered to students demonstrating particular sporting and/or artistic talent, giving them the opportunity to achieve excellence.  

Assembly Themes 2016-17
Term 1
  Theme  Thought for the Week
 Week 1    New Beginnings     Chapter One
 Week 2Clear the ClutterTime for Change
 Week 3HarmonyThe Building Blocks for Peace
 Week 4Aspirations Curiosity and Creativity 
 Week 5Black HistoryThe Road to Freedom
 Week 6      Anti-bullying Power for Good

Term 2
  Theme  Thought for the Week
 Week 1    Remembrance         Lest We Forget
 Week 2Anti-BullyingBullying and E-Safety on trial
 Week 3World HealthIt's no joke
 Week 4World Aids DayKnowledge into Action
 Week 5Hold back the anger Keep your cool 
 Week 6      Human RightsOur Rights, Our Freedom     
 Week 7      Aspirations Fun and Excitement