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Prefect Team 2017

Information for Students and Parents on the Selection Process for Prefects

As we move towards the final term, Year 10 will make the transition to become the oldest year group in the Upper School.  At this time, we select a group of students from within the cohort to assume the position of prefects.

What is a prefect?

Prefects take on a form of guidance and a leadership role within the student body of the academy.  They will assist with daily duties and whole school events.  They are expected to become role models for their peers, arriving to school on time, wearing their uniform correctly and acting in a way that other students should aspire to.  There is no single quality (or combination of qualities) that determines a good prefect.  Everyone brings different qualities to the position and the success of the team is based upon just that.  This is an important role within our academy and any prefect not maintaining the high standards expected may result in them being withdrawn from their position.

How are prefects selected?

All students in Year 10 have been addressed in assembly and are actively invited to apply for the position of prefect.  Students can apply from Friday 15 May. The application form can be found on the Academy website. The names of successful applicants go forward to all teaching staff for recommendations before individual interviews are held. A panel then meet to agree on the final selection.  Attendance, punctuality, attitudes to learning and personal qualities will also be considered in the final selection. The deadline for applications is 6pm on Friday 9 June.

How many prefects are selected?

There is no set number of prefect positions. The number of successful applicants will depend on the quality of the field.


How will they know if they have been selected as a prefect?

Students that are successful with their prefect application will have their names displayed on the website on Friday 30 June. Those who are unsuccessful will be considered at regular points throughout the remainder of Year 10 and into Year 11.

A formal presentation to students will be made in Lower School Honours Assemblies at the end of July.

Should you wish to discuss any aspect of the selection process for prefects, please contact me at the academy.                                                                                                                                                                                              Mr S Richardson

Shirley Wheeler,
18 May 2017, 04:49