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Welcome to the Greensward Academy Revision Page. Here you will find timetables for individual subjects and materials to assist you with your revision programme in preparation for your examinations. Research has shown that the more revision students do, the higher the grades they will attain. Many of these resources are downloadable to be used at home and there are also lots of revision sessions for you to attend at school. If revision sessions clash, then you should try to attend the session you think will be of most benefit, speak to your tutor about which subjects to prioritise.

Year 11 Revision Check Lists

KS3 Revision Checklists

Key Stage 5 Revision

Drama Revision Resources

English Revision Resources

Geography Revision Resources

History Revision Resources

MFL Revision Resources

Music Revision Resources

RE Revision Resources

Science Revision Resources

Sociology Revision Resources

Technology Revision Resources

 - All Year 11 students have been issued with a revision guide, but further copies can be obtained by clicking on this link