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Safe Use of the Internet

Keeping Safe on the Internet is really important.  Here are some simple rules to follow:


The internet, intranet, email, messaging systems and related technologies can be extremely valuable tools in an educational context.  They encourage the development of communication skills and transform the learning process by opening up possibilities that, conventionally, would be impossible to achieve.  The academy encourages the use of electronic mail as a medium for paper mail replacement and as a means of enhancing communications. 

 Creating a safe ICT learning environment includes three main elements at Greensward Academy:

·         An effective range of technological tools

·         Policies and procedures, with clear roles and responsibilities

·         Access to e-safety information for students, staff, parents/carers and other users

All students should be familiar with the academy E-Safety Policy including:

·         Email, messaging and digital communication (social networking) use

·         Safe use of academy network, equipment and data

·         Safe use of digital images and digital technologies, such as mobile phones, digital cameras and video cameras

·         Publication of student information/photographs and use of the intranet and the academy website

·         E-bullying and cyber-bullying procedures as per the academy’s Anti-bullying Policy

·         Their role in accessing e-safety information


The internet, intranet, email, messaging systems and related technologies must not be used for knowingly viewing, transmitting, retrieving, downloading or storing any communication that is:

·         Discriminatory or harassing

·         Derogatory to any individual or group

·         Obscene or pornographic

·         Defamatory, threatening or perceived as cyber-bullying

·         Illegal or contrary to the academy’s policy or business interests

·         Subject to copyright such as music, software or films

·         Likely to cause network congestion or significantly hamper access to other users

·         Any of the above, specifically using mobile devices or similar technologies to store or upload any such materials to the public domain (social networking site) or to other       devices

·         Students may only play appropriate web based educational games during break or lunch times and must not install any games to the network

·         Students may only use academy provided messaging systems at appropriate times if indicated by the teacher or during break or lunch time. 

 Students must not:

 ·         Deface the academy’s equipment

·         Vandalise academy equipment, for example, remove mice balls/buttons, remove front plates to disk drives, damage keyboards

·         Load executable files or use those files to gain access to unauthorised areas of the network, for example, gaining access to File Manager or Explorer

·         Seek/attempt illegal access to another user’s area

·         Change the settings of stations, such as screen displays and desktop images

·         Use USB drives or any removable storage devices unless regularly checked for viruses

 Use at home

Students accessing the internet from home whilst using an academy owned computer or mobile device, or through academy owned connections such as 

the remote desktop connection (home link) must adhere to the policies set out in this document.

Family members or other ‘non-academy’ users must not be allowed to access the academy's computer system or use the academy's computer facilities, without the formal agreement of the Principal.