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Year 11 Dress Up Day 2017 

Year 11 Dress Up Day


The annual ski trip saw Greensward students and staff taste a different ski resort to the norm of Sunday River in 2017.  This year we ventured further across North America to ski the resort of Winter Park. Famous for its high altitude, volume of more challenging terrain and pristine snow and we were not disappointed!

After a long (long) day’s travel the students checked into the hotel, collected their ski equipment and hit their pillows for the required rest before the strain of the week’s skiing that lay ahead. With a group size of 76 students we had 7 groups raring to go on Day 1, 5 of which were beginner groups.  These beginner groups hit the nursery slopes, learning the basics of how to put on the skis and how to stop before quickly looking at how to make simple turns on gentle terrain.  Progress was fast and by the beginning of Day 3 no group remained on the nursery slopes but had ventured up the first lift to higher green terrain.

Meanwhile the intermediate group continued their individual progress across green and blue terrain on the first few days.  Students who had previous experience on the slopes looked to build their technique so that they could challenge themselves on black terrain in the closing days.  We were blessed that that the advanced group had quite a lot of skiing experience prior to this year’s trip.  This was evident through watching them ski and how their instructor was confident taking them down steep black terrain from Day 1.  They ventured off-piste to challenge their ability and enjoy the packed powder within the trees that lay to the sides of many runs.

Fortunately we did not experience any real issues with the altitude and more impressively there were no trips to ski patrol to deal with any serious injuries.  In all my years attending or leading a ski trip this is the first year without injury  that has affected a student’s ability to ski, so not only was I surprised, but relieved.

Once again it was a fantastic trip, the students were magnificent and were commended for the attitude on the slopes, their desire to learn and the level of politeness and manners that were shown throughout. Since our return we have received a very complimentary email from one of the airline’s cabin crew commenting on how spectacular our students were on the return flight.  She said “… in my 29 years of flying I am yet to meet such a well-mannered, polite, considerate group of young adults.  My feeling is that if more of the younger generation behaved as your pupils do, the world would become a much better place!” 

I would like to say thank you to all the students who made the first week of term break a holiday and not a week’s work.  Our thanks are also extended to all the members of staff that attended the trip and supported the students in what was a thoroughly enjoyable and memorable week.

Mr Butterworth

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