Art Trip to Rome

posted 4 Nov 2015, 06:51 by Shirley Wheeler   [ updated 4 Nov 2015, 06:58 ]

The highly anticipated Rome trip has become a smash hit with students and teachers alike.  We started the trip on Sunday the 18th and left Greensward for the sunshine capital of Rome at the early hour of 3.15am (it’s amazing we all managed to get up!).  After a plane journey of almost three hours we headed to our hotel neatly nestled between the built up buildings of Rome.  We all dropped off our bags into the rooms of the hotel and then took the metro to the Colosseum.  The underground was super busy and we found it a struggle to get there and back in one piece!  We arrived at the Colosseum to have a forty-five minute walk about and time for lunch which for most of us was our first taste of Italy - the takeaway pizza, personally I think it was delicious.  We then met our tour guide outside the Colosseum.  She took us inside the historic building and told us a brief history on it and the area around it.  After this we were taken to the remains of ancient Rome it was an exceptional sight to behold.  All together the tour took us almost three hours and we ended the day with a meal at a local restaurant.  

On day two we awoke for breakfast at 8.00am and left the Hotel Lazio at 9.00am to journey to the Vatican and Sistine Chapel.   We waited to enter the Vatican for about an hour as it was so busy but later we saw why, as the inside was beautiful and architecture magnificent; it was well worth the wait.  After we took the metro to the Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain where we spent time looking around the area and its vast history.

On day three we woke for breakfast at 6.15am and left at 7.00am for Pompeii - a four hour coach journey.   When we arrived we had a guided tour of Pompeii starting at the gladiator arena where in the centre there was a wooden pyramid where they kept the casts of the remains of the citizens - it was quite eye opening.   After that we journeyed through the centre of town to the downtown area where the temples were stationed. Personally I feel this is the highlight of the trip as the remains were so beautiful and merged with the surroundings.  

On our final day we visited the wonderful arts of the Galleria Borghese.  This part was really nice as we saw the many famous works of Italian artists. After that we ended our time in Rome with a shopping spree. I conclude that when you get the chance to go with the school to the Rome trip next year don’t hesitate or you might regret it.

James Burton, 11D