SKI USA March 2013

posted 6 Aug 2013, 06:02 by   [ updated 12 Nov 2013, 06:54 by Shirley Wheeler ]

On 8 March students from Years 8 to 11 had an early start to their long journey to Boston, USA for this year’s ski trip. 

Everyone was full of excitement and the journey involved lots of singing, sleeping and moaning, until the final destination of the Royalty Inn was reached.  Although everyone wanted to explore the town, an early night was in order as the long journey had taken its toll and an early start was needed the following morning reading for the first skiing session.

On the first day the students, Mr Jevons and Mr Butterworth launched onto the slopes eager to start the week of skiing.  The weather conditions were unbelievable with clear blue skies, lots of sun and of course plenty of snow.   After introductions to ski instructors everyone dispersed into their groups with the advanced skiers going straight up onto the main slopes to encounter various blue, black and double black diamond runs.  Meanwhile the beginners started on the baby slope and were introduced to the ‘Magic Carpet’.  There were lots of laughs and falls throughout the first day (with a great fall from Mr Jevons).  But everybody made huge progress together.

On the way back, Norman the driver made an essential stop at Wal-Mart’s where students bought a lifetime supply of food and drink together with some random items such as beach balks, ketchup and gallons of “Sunny D”! 

After dinner everyone relaxed in the swimming pool, hot tub and sauna which was great and became a nightly trend.  The next few days skiing were thrilling with each group getting better and better and covering many new slopes together including Sundance, Dream Maker and Broadway.  Meanwhile the advanced skiers ticked off even more runs on their trial maps and had some fun through trees with a couple of falls and jumps. 

Emily Treen and Joe Easton both celebrated their birthdays whilst they were away and were kindly treated to a delicious cake from the restaurant. 

By the end of the trip everyone was skiing naturally and had got used to the strange ski boots and daily routine.  So much so that no-one wanted to leave.   The last day of skiing was brilliant with the whole group venturing onto huge runs and making the most of their last opportunity to ski.  The instructors presented everyone with a certificate.  In return each group bought their instructor a gift to thank them for all their help. 

However the trip was not over yet.  Everyone made the most of their last night out in the town together having first made sure we were all packed and ready to leave in the morning.   On the way to the airport the group stopped off at Settlers Green Shopping Outlet where we get great deals and gifts for ourselves and our families.  Luckily we had left enough space in our cases for all our shopping. 

A special thanks to Mrs Stokes for this excellent trip,  our rep Normal (better known as Normski) and of course to Dante for brightening everyone’s day and being a top entertainer. 

 We can’t wait for what next year’s ski trip has in store for us!

If you are interested in going on next year’s ski trip, please see Mr Butterworth.