Ski USA 2014

posted 26 Mar 2014, 01:23 by Shirley Wheeler

The annual  Ski Trip to Sunday River (USA) took place over the March term holiday, with 46 students ranging from 11-18 travelling stateside to essentially slide down the side of a mountain on two sticks. As always, there was huge excitement and anticipation leading up to the trip, which was helped by Sunday River receiving over 4ft of fresh snowfall in February, resulting in excellent natural skiing conditions for our arrival, and the perfect soft landing platform for the toppling beginners.

After leaving the mild early spring conditions of South East England, and a very pleasant flight with Virgin Atlantic, we were greeted at Boston Logan Airport, Massachusetts by temperatures of -6°c; however, with the wind-chill it seemed far colder than it actually was. It reminded us all of the scene from Cool Runnings when they arrived in Calgary not particularly dressed for the conditions. Next was the 3 hour coach journey north to the Royalty Inn Hotel in New Hampshire, our home for the week. Rob, our wonderful coach driver, treated us to an example of good ol’ USA hospitality, phoning ahead to his local McDonald's to warn them of our imminent arrival and giving us the chance to rest and refuel en route in stereotypical American surroundings.  

Although we were cold on arrival at Boston, nothing prepared us for the temperatures that we experienced at 6am during wake up of Day 1. In temperatures of -28°C, Mr Richardson, Mr Butterworth, Miss Gee and Miss Taylor knocked on the doors to wake students to find that they were, on the most part, already up and ready for the day. Thankfully, by the time we arrived at the slopes for our lessons, the sun had risen higher into the sky and temperatures were a pleasant couple of degrees below freezing – well, as pleasant as it can ever be!

So the skiing began. Three beginners groups were learning on the ‘Magic Carpet’, the training area within ‘South Ridge’ which terrifies some of the meeker souls at the beginning of the week, but by the end they find themselves embarrassed that they ever found any difficulties on such a benign gradient. The intermediate group began their adventure on ‘Broadway,’ and the Advanced Group, who whizzed away from ‘South Ridge’ to find their ski legs once again, needed no such slide into the sport. Throughout the week, we watched as the students laughed, joked and made incredible progress in stunning skiing conditions and beautiful sunshine. The wonderful moment on the last day when all the students snaked their way down the slope as one was fantastic, and was a true testament to their dedication to progress and their determination to succeed.

The memories of moments of triumph, failure and, most of all, fun, will be a highlight of school for everyone involved. It truly was a wonderful trip; it was a pleasure to spend the week with 46 perfectly behaved, polite, respectful young people. This may sound biased, but it was an opinion which was shared by all who had any contact with the students throughout the week.

I would like to thank all the students for their conduct over the week. I hope that they all enjoyed the trip as much as I did. I would also like to thank Mr Richardson, Miss Gee and Miss Taylor for accompanying the students; without their help and support the trip would not have run so smoothly.

All the students involved on the trip will receive a DVD in due course. Details of Ski Trip 2015 will be issued in the coming weeks.

Mr Butterworth (Trip Organiser)