Ski USA 2016

posted 5 Apr 2016, 02:48 by Shirley Wheeler

During the two week break, 63 students, 8 members of staff and 2 toddlers headed for a week in Maine, USA for a fun-filled ski trip. We began the trip with an 8 hour flight into Boston and then spent 90 minutes sitting on the runway making our journey even longer than expected.  We soon cheered up though when we got to enjoy our first American McDonalds. Once we finally arrived in Gorham it was 1.00am (6.00am GMT!), everyone was soon asleep and ready for their first day skiing.

On the first day at Sunday River, the vast majority of the group started on the beginner slopes, learning the basics and getting used to the magic carpet whilst the intermediate and advanced skiers tested themselves out on tougher terrain.  However, our first day was definitely filled with frustration and determination!

The second day was ‘moving day’, when many groups ventured up the ski lift, up the mountain and onto the green slopes.  Others who did not feel as confident stayed to practice on the beginner slopes.  The instructors were excellent and took their groups through each turn onto the first green slope.  Soon many of the beginner skiers were confident on green slopes by the end of only the second day.  By this time everyone was exhausted and soon fell asleep after dinner in the evening.

By day 3 all the groups were onto the green slopes and many were challenged and taken onto blue slopes.   Everyone progressed quickly and many stories were told at lunchtime.  The day ended with a dip in the pool, sauna and jacuzzi back at the motel followed by another early night.

Day 4 was very much the same, many groups were conquering blues and lower blacks.  The day was always filled with laughter as people fell over and there was always a story to be told and pictures to be tweeted

Day 5 was the final day skiing and many groups were able to choose where to ski, picking their favourite slopes and mountains.  It ended with a presentation where we gave our coach a thank you card and a small present.  In return, the instructors presented each student with a certificate.  We were all very sad to leave Sunday River and were desperate for just one more day of skiing.

To make up for it, we spent our last day shopping at the nearby Outlet Mall where everyone splashed out on Ralph Lauren, Nike and Tommy Hilfiger.  In the evening, we took our flight home after a very eventful and memorable ski trip.

Thank you to Mr Butterworth and his team of staff who made sure we had the most incredible, once-in-a-lifetime ski trip.  The bumps and bruises from learning to ski will soon disappear but the memories will last forever.

Eva Harris & Zoe Glanville

Mr Butterworth would like to thank all the students who attended this trip.  It was a terrific success with all the students making fantastic progress throughout the week. The attitude and behaviour of the group whilst away was magnificent and they did themselves, the staff and the academy proud.  A variety of people from the flight crew on board the flights, Rob and Mary our bus drivers, Paul our ski rep, our ski instructors and even strangers in Walmart complimented us on how polite and well-mannered our students were.

We are currently in the process of discussing options with three ski tour operators for the next two ski trips that will run in March 2017 and 2018. Once a decision has been reached letters will be available to all students in all year groups with the relevant details.  We anticipate that these letters will be ready for distribution by the end of April at the latest.  Dates for the trip next year are not yet confirmed however there is a possibility that it could clash with the History trip.  More information to follow!

2018....the current plan is to run a trip to either Canada or the West Coast USA, hence why we are in discussions now regarding booking this trip up early.